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Opportunity is the one surge towards one’s dreamland which one generally aspires for but hardly acquires.

The task of recognizing latent talent is an arduous, patient and demanding one.

Time is changing at rapid pace. Future shall witness furthermore major technological transformation in every sphere. They are making huge difference in our lives.

One shall lag behind if one does not catch up with it. We at The Glenhill have taken utmost care of this faculty with holistic approach and future challenges.

We provide catalic impulses to every child to stretch his/her inherent learning competencies through a self-discovery process and hone the skills to prove mettle. Providing the ambience to learn, to compete and to grow has been paramount for the school. Children are exhorted to drive themselves their personal learning.

I applaud triumphant and gratifying endeavors of the staff for their ardour and zeal with which they have realized the goals of our mission.

I am grateful to the parents for their unflinching faith in us. I hope they will enjoy the experience and see their children growing into successful and good human being.

Mr. Aftab Ahamed